Speed & Agility/Finishing

No upcoming programs, Sessions will return in Fall 2021

(Ages 10+)

Rep Players Only

This program is designed to help the player develop co-ordination and balance while focusing on lateral movement. We want to help the athlete improve their change in direction, foot speed, reaction time and game awareness in order to become more prepared and a better overall player. Any new players to this program must be assessed to ensure qualification into the program.
Soccer agility training should focus on performing with the correct form so that our muscles can memorize this form through repetition.
Soccer agility training is a very important part of any soccer players skill because every player in soccer needs to stop, change direction, sprint and stop again.
Key to developing agility in soccer are constant repetitions of agility drills for soccer.
It takes many years to learn the proper technique and body position for the best way to stop, sprint and change direction.
Our agility soccer drills are focused on performing them correctly and with the right form from the start.
As the form gets better, so does the speed and the agility for every athlete.
Just remember that soccer speed/agility training is very important to the success of a footballer and will help them be a better player because of it.
Clinics run once a week on Thursdays.