Finishing Clinic (Ages 10+)

No upcoming programs, Sessions will return in Fall 2021


The young player is still refining his/her ball skills while beginning to learn more about the concepts of shooting. By joining this clinic the player will develop their skills as well as the proper techniques of shooting. Clinics run once a week on Saturdays in Bradford. Any new players to this program must be assessed to ensure qualification into the program.
Striking the ball with the top of your foot known as toe bone
There are two basic shot types and several variations when considering shooting. The two basic shot selections are power or accuracy. This all depends on where you are on the field and where the keeper is. Generally if you are going for power, that classic Roberto Carlos bomb, you will be hitting the ball with the top of your foot (toe bone). To master striking the ball properly, it will take thousands of reps until you find your groove so work at it but be patient.
Key things to remember when striking a ball for power are:
- Select your target and commit to it.
- Keep your head down looking at the ball.
- Your plant foot needs to be about half a yard beside the ball and your plant foot should be pointing in the direction of your desired target.
LOCK your ankle of the shooting foot (very important) as you don't want your leg hitting it all relaxed like a wet noodle.
- Strike the ball in the center to bottom half of the ball.
- Follow through with your shooting foot and it should be the first foot to hit the ground after your swing.
Keep your head down, follow through and execute the fundamentals.
The following shooting techniques will be taught at our clinics:
-Instep Finish
-Half Volley
-Side Volley
-Bending the Ball
-Accuracy Shooting
-Free kicks