Skill Development (Ages 6-9)

A fun and rewarding skills program for children. Children are introduced to soccer in a fun and rewarding manner, always recognizing the strengths of the beginner. This clinic offers a combination of learning technical skills and small sided games. Children will also be taught the basics of the game. Clinics run once a week on Mondays.
A coach's responsibility begins with children between 6 to 9 years. These children are being introduced to the world of football as a team sport. These children need to enjoy their time on the pitch if they are to become the stars of tomorrow. Creating that love and passion for the game, in these young children, is the primary role of a grass root coach. You need to prepare each individual to learn how to play in a team environment, teach the absolute basics and create a level of interest – focusing primarily on ensuring fun & excitement for these younger players. We strive to create a lasting impression in the next big football player. Some key aspects, for coaches to remember, are:
- There is very little physical difference in girls & boys, at this age
- The cardiovascular system & temperature regulation is less efficient than adults
- Training is limited to fundamental movement skills
– including running, catching, turning, jumping, kicking, throwing, etc.
- Hand-eye or eye-foot coordination is immature, as is the general physical coordination, in these children
- Children have no sense of pace or intensity
 – They will usually go FLAT OUT!!!
- An extremely active imagination
- Short attention span
- They can only process small bits of information
– long sequences are never processed
- They can only handle one task at a time
– in problem-solving situations