Welcome to Pure Touch Soccer

Established in 2004, Pure Touch Soccer offers an elite soccer training experience for those individuals that want to take there game to the next level. We do that by training every individual differently in order to get the best results . We have studied different philosophies and training methods from around the world and brought it here to make our players good enough to compete and potentially dominate at the higher levels. Our low player to coach ratio allows us to be specific and detail oriented in our soccer teaching methods which transforms to high performance training. Our soccer clinics are designed specifically to help build the skill, strength, speed, and smarts of the individual. We have helped develop some of the top male and female soccer players in the province. We continue to work with athletes and help build their CONFIDENCE so that they believe in themselves and their abilities to play at the next level. We are looking forward to working with your child to help them get to the highest level possible. Some of the soccer players that we have had the opportunity to develop and play on the Canadian National Team, TFC, NCAA, OPDL, Ontario Provincial programs, and they are....(read more)


We are looking for qualified instructors who are passionate about the game of soccer and enjoys working with children. CLICK HERE for more information. Thank you.